Extended Services

programs empower clients who have proven special needs or vulnerabilities that make it challenging for them to become fully self-sufficient at the end of the initial resettlement period.

Get to Know our Programs

Preferred Communities Intensive Case Management Program (PC)

PC supports individual clients who are navigating an intensive medical or well-being need or experiencing a challenging life event within 5 years of arrival to the U.S. This program provides 1:1 support, working alongside the enrolled client and in partnership, as we develop a goal plan aimed at addressing current areas of instability. This may include healthcare navigation, ESL learning support, mental well-being needs and referral support, etc.

While most clients are enrolled for 1 year, the program supports individuals requiring at least 6 months of extended support (ex. a single parent household in which mom or dad is also navigating a new health need but struggling to manage responsibilities and navigate the healthcare system).

Photo: Kayla Stepanchak

Good Job, Happy Family Program (GJHF)

GJHF is a holistic, family-based program for refugees (and other Office of Refugee Resettlement populations). Case managers and families collaborate to design a strengths-based plan for participants to take steps toward long-term integration goals around education, English-language learning, career training, housing, transportation, and financial literacy.

The program serves families with children 18 years or younger who are within 1-3 years of arrival to
the U.S and lasts for up to 1 year.

Photo: Kristin V. Rehder


Girls Who Code (GWC)

Our Girls Who Code program equips refugee and immigrant women with opportunities to improve digital literacy and explore STEM. Offering a safe venue for social interaction and emotional growth, GWC empowers students to navigate challenges they face as newcomers.

Our local chapter supports participants as they chart a successful path for their futures—transferring critical skills in technology and problem solving to their educational journeys and career aspirations.

Refugees and other immigrant young women, ages 11-21 are eligible for the program. 

Photo: Sam Feibel