Faith and Community Group Partnership

No matter where you are from, we’re glad you’re our neighbor.


Welcome Cards

Welcome cards are a way to be involved in the welcome of refugees to the Lancaster, PA community no matter your age or distance from the office. These cards are given to recently arrived individuals or are placed in the home before a family has arrived.

Blessing Baskets

Blessing Baskets are a way for Faith Partners to collect $25 gift cards to grocery stores or Walmart. Each gift card will then be gifted to a family in need of financial relief to purchase vital items.

Welcome Kits

Welcome Kits combine donated items together to form ready assembled kits. These kits include school, toiletry, home necessity, cleaning, and employment.

Idea: Combine with Welcome Cards and place a friendly note in each kit!

Collect an Offering

Monetary offerings aid in the programing of CWS and make it possible to equip clients with skills and resources as we welcome them to Lancaster.

Mail checks to:

CWS Lancaster

Attn/Christine Baer

308 E. King Street

Lancaster PA, 17602


Invite CWS staff to give a Sunday School lesson, Sermon, or an Educational Forum.

Topics may include:

Overview of the Refugee Resettlement Process

Overview of Refugee and Immigrant Issues

The History of Welcome in Central PA


Welcome Teams

Co-sponsors, Circle of Friends, Welcome Teams: Regardless of the name you use, these intentional groups of welcome add warmth and friendship to the transition of newcomers. For many arriving to Lancaster, this is an unknown community with many unfamiliar faces.

Here at CWS Lancaster, we call these groups Welcome Teams.

Welcome Teams are comprised of 4 to 20 members of a group who work closely with CWS to welcome a newly arrived individual or family.


“We have the gift of people coming from all over the world to Lancaster. We have so much to learn from them and to experience God through their lives and experience. Many if not most of these people come to us out of crises in their countries and have experience significant trauma. Our lives will be changed by learning to know them and their stories.”

– Local Welcome Team Member

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