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The Resettlement Team provides up to 5 years of service through the following programs:


R&P services include case management, the provision of housing, food, and clothing; placement in ESL and cultural orientation classes; medical appointments; registration in selective service; enrollment of children in school, and assistance to obtain social security cards, among others.

 Eligibility: Refugees resettled through the United States Refugee Admission Program (USRAP). 

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The MG program is an alternative to public cash assistance providing services to enable clients to become economically self-sufficient through employment within 120 to 180 days of program eligibility. MG services include case management, ESL classes, technical training, employment services, and maintenance assistance, among others. Enrollment must occur within 31 days of becoming eligible to ensure adequate services are provided and self-sufficiency is achieved and maintained within the period of eligibility.

Eligibility: ORR-eligible populations (refugees, asylees, Cuban and Haitian entrants, certified victims of Trafficking, Amerasians, and SIVs)


The PC program serves clients who have proven special needs and/or vulnerabilities that make it challenging for them to become fully self-sufficient at the end of the initial resettlement period. Special need and vulnerable groups who are eligible for services include the disabled; youth and young adults without parents; single parents and women at risk; the elderly; refugees experiencing trauma and PTSD; survivors of torture, and LGBT clients, among others. Clients receive intensive case management for a period of 6 months to 2 years, within 5 years of arrival to the US. Clients are deemed to have reached self-sufficiency once they meet the goals that they set for themselves at the beginning of the service period, find stability in life areas affected by their vulnerabilities, and are able to live independently of agency services.

Eligibility: ORR-eligible populations (refugees, asylees, Cuban and Haitian entrants, certified victims of Trafficking, Amerasians, and SIVs)


Refugee Cultural Navigator

CWS Lancaster’s Refugee Cultural Navigator supports refugees and other immigrants in becoming economically, culturally, and linguistically integrated in the Lancaster community by assessing their needs, connecting them to community resources, and helping them to navigate governmental and programmatic systems.

Eligibility: Refugees and other immigrants


2020 Program Statistics

Number of refugees welcomed to Lancaster

Extended wellness cases managed

Number Children and Young Adults Enrolled in School

Number of refugee nationalities welcomed


Are you a landlord or property manager? Our Resettlement Program works to ensure clients understand their rights and responsibilities as tenants. Learn how you can engage with this population: