Photo Credit: Kristin V. Rehder

Refugee Services programs provide up to 5 years of service through the following programs:


Through our Reception & Placement program, the CWS resettlement team provides initial welcome and core services to new neighbors within the first 90 days after arrival (as required by the U.S. Bureau of Population, Refugee & Migration (PRM). R&P services include case management, the provision of housing, food, and clothing; placement in ESL and cultural orientation classes; medical appointments; registration in selective service; enrollment of children in school, and assistance to obtain social security cards, among others.

Initial services provided in the beginning of the R&P period are focused on material needs and survival while core services
that are required towards the end of the R&P period are geared towards empowering new neighbors to achieve self-sufficiency.

Photo Credit: Joseph Terranova



The MG program is an alternative to public cash assistance providing services to enable clients to become economically self-sufficient through employment within 180 – 240 days of program eligibility.  This is a hybrid employment-case management and extended support program under the CWS Resettlement & Placement program. Support activities include budget reviews, work readiness support, ESL (English as a Second Language) training, and limited financial support.

New neighbors are assessed and enrolled in the Matching Grant program, if eligible, within the first 30 days of arrival. 





Are you a landlord or property manager? Our Resettlement Program works to ensure clients understand their rights and responsibilities as tenants. Learn how you can engage with this population: