Church World Service Lancaster is committed to showing welcome to refugees, immigrants, asylum-seekers and other uprooted people within the United States who are seeking safety and the opportunity to rebuild their lives. We believe all families deserve safety and dignity.

See how YOU can champion the right to seek safety & together build communities of belonging.

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Every two seconds

Someone in the world is forced to leave their home and everything they know as a result of persecution, conflict, and violence.

million displaced people

As of May 2023, 110 million people worldwide were forcibly displaced as a result of persecution, conflict, and violence.

million refugees

At the end of 2022, 35.3 million people met the legal definition of a refugee.

Empowering refugees, immigrants and asylum-seekers in Central Pennsylvania

For over 35 years, Church World Service Lancaster has welcomed thousands of new neighbors from around the world to our beautiful country. Through partnerships with faith groups, organizations and individuals, we empower our newest neighbors to build new lives in peace and security, providing up to 5 years of service and support.

Together we are building stronger and more diverse communities where everyone has a voice and a safe place to call home.
new neighbors

Together, we have welcomed over 7,000 new neighbors to peace and safety since CWS opened its doors in 1987.

welcomed in 2023

In FY2022, we welcomed 175 new refugee & 190 Afghan Placement program neighbors.

legal consultations

In FY2023 we provided legal consultations, with 126 naturalization applications filed.

Our Services


Through our Reception & Placement and Matching Grant programs, the CWS resettlement team provides initial welcome and core services like housing, school enrollment, work readiness support, and ESL classes to new refugee neighbors.

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Extended Services programs promote family wellness and long-term stability through extended case management, securing employment, and group programs that promote learning, social connections, and new skills.

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Legal Services

CWS Lancaster’s licensed and accredited Immigration Legal Counseling staff members provide affordable legal advice and representation to refugees, asylum-seekers, unaccompanied minors, and other immigrants in central PA.

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Community Engagement

Over the past five years, we have strengthened our advocacy efforts by focusing on building the next generation of local leaders. We coordinate staff, new neighbors, and volunteers to work together to champion welcome & belonging.

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